Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby Baby

In August, DH's cousin's wife had their fourth child, a sweet little boy. The funny thing is that their oldest and our oldest are 3 weeks apart in age, and now our youngest are 2 weeks apart in age. Never mind thtat they have two in between! They live in the midwest and we are hoping to get all these cousins together next summer! Luckily, I was able to complete this card and mail their baby gift before going through all the baby drama of our own.

The image was a RAK and I just think he is adorable. The B stamp is paper pieced and the image is colored with Koh-i-noor pencils and blended. The dp is also from a RAK and I've been waiting for a little boy to be born to use it. There have been lots of girl babies, but few boys.

My little boy is just over 2 weeks old now, and is happily sleeping for the moment. He is a voracious eater and wants to feed about every 2 hours, even at night. He also seems to have a fussy period every evening. I wouldn't call him colicky, just hard to settle and hungry from late afternoon till around 10 or so. So although I'm tired, we are settling into a schedule, I think. Of course, now he'll change it up and throw us a curveball!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by today!


Allison said...

Terrificly cute the way he is dangling off that B! Thanks for your insights on mothering...I think, in the immediate, even some "me time" and working appropriate hours (even though Ave is still up at least four times a night) will be a boon. It is still hard to juggle it all though (I wish I could turn my mommy brain off when I was doing other things!).

Allison said...

Oh, and after reading your posts, I have more to say (I am chatty Kathy today!).

My SIL had her boys six years apart and yep, she felt like she forgot everything too! Her second boy is a nutbar compared to the quieter, studious six-year old (who has his moments of zaniness of course). Anyhoo, what worked for me and for her (and I don't know if it was a boy thing) was really playing those babies out (even super young) to get all the stimulation out during the day. Then, around six, really slowing it down with a warm bath and massage every night, a cuddle and then a strict bedtime.

Moreover, feed, feed, feed those boys. Your little one is still supposed to be incubating right now so he needs to eat. My boy gained five pounds the first month (which killed me as a brand new breastfeeding mom) but it was the only guarantee for some sleep (not great sleep though...that's another story)! BTW, is he getting enough? T was tongue-tied which made the first five weeks impossible until his tongue was clipped. It didn't matter since after that he only drank pumped breastmilk but, once he was finally getting enough, he was a changed man!

Anyway, I blather! Should you want to bounce anything off of me since I am a little farther along in the first year of babe #3, just holla. Sometimes, even with all my practice, I still find myself saying "Oh yeah..." when I have totally forgotten a trick that worked with the older two.