Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cutest Baby Favors

These are little favor boxes that I made for my cousin's baby shower back in the Spring. They are too cute and I wish I had a side view so you could see the little box compartment that is in the middle. The template was purchased from Creations by AR and had me wishing I owned a Cricut! I hand-cut a huge number of these, then assembled them and shipped them off to my mom for the shower. I didn't even get to attend :(

So I realize I might not even have any readers left out there after being gone for the entire month of November. BUT, there are a ton of Christmas cards waiting to be posted, and I will start them on December 1st. My shopping is almost complete, and my list is made for teachers and all the "extra" people we have to thank at this time of year. Lots of Ghirardelli squares and Nuggets are hiding in my craft room waiting to be put to use. Hopefully I don't eat more than a few of them and negate all the work I've put in at the gym this year!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Thanksgiving season and are ready for the end of year marathon of celebrations. Thanks for looking!

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