Saturday, April 26, 2008

My New Organization Tools

I have a tendency to forget about my embellishments if they are stashed away in a drawer, and found also that I couldn't flip through my acrylic stamps (stored in cd cases) easily. Like many of you, I don't have a lot of time to craft, so am always on the lookout for organization tools that can make my stamping time more efficient.

Enter IKEA! You may remember that almost all of my stamp room furniture is from IKEA, it is economical, easy to assemble, and functional. So I headed back there on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, it is only 20 minutes from my house, but I try not to go too often because there is always something to buy! It can be worse than a trip to Target for the wallet! Here are the items I picked up, all for UNDER $18.00...

A small jar to hold Prima flowers. This one is holding 2 tubes of Prima daisies. I should have gotten more than one of these, but didn't realize how many Primas I now have (winning their weekly drawing really increased my collection). It cost less than $2.00.
A Lazy Suzan for my desk. It fits nicely in the corner of my desk, just in reach of my main work area. Now I can spin and reach for the embellies I need. My only wish is that it was 2-tiered. It was only $6.00 and spins like a charm. A plastic CD case holder. It was 99 cents!! It holds 20 cases (a few more sets and I need another one) and they flip forward easily to reach the ones behind. If you have a shelf deep enough to accomodate it, about 12 inches, I highly recommend getting one or more of these.

I got some cardboard magazine holders, too. They were $2.00 for a pack of 5. They are holding my stamping and inspiration mags.

Well, my goal this morning was to drink a hot cup of tea. It has cooled off while I write these posts. Now I'm off to boil more water and clean up my desk so I can produce some cards today. I have a baby card that has been laid out all week and needs to be assembled, and some challenges to get to from this past week. I have neglected blogs and stamps all week, but the day is mine, so off I go! Thanks for looking!


Annapurna said...

If there was an Ikea in town, I would have run down :-(
Nice things for so little. Thanks for showing them to us.

Ruby Claire. said...

WOOOOOW bargain!!
That is so cool!
Thanks for letting us peek :)
WOW so many primas you have!
I have 6 lol :P

Melissia said...

Dont you just love new toys in your work area for organizing! Great finds!! I browse the Ikea site often. I wish we had one in my neck of the woods so I could actually walk the store and see all that cool stuff up close. :o)

Sarah said...

Great organisational tools! Wish I was that organised!
xx :0)

Vix Kennedy said...

I was on the rampage yesterday too sorting out stash! I've colour sorted my buttons, put all my primas in one place and even sorted out my chipboard pieces. Doesnt it feel nice to be organised and you end up full of ideas!

jami said...

very pretty way to get organized. I love the jars.