Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Target Alert~

Today at work, I have to complete a *very* unpleasant task, and I am NOT looking forward to it. As a token to make myself feel better about it, I ran to Target before coming into the office. While I was there (for a legitimate reason, I might add), I decided to cruise through the craft clearance. Lo and behold, they had the 6-roll packs of American Crafts ribbon for only $2.48. HALF PRICE!! I snatched up about 6 various packs, and the girl at the register was clearly unable to share my joy in this find. Hopefully, some of you can, and will get a chance to check out your own local Target over the next day or so and find a stash of your own!

Have fun shopping! I'll be back tonight with a card, but for now it's back to work...

Thanks for looking!

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