Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Butterfly Miss You

Holy Crow!! I didn't realize that I haven't posted since the end of May! Yikes :)

We've been in the midst of moving from New Jersey and are almost settled in Texas. We put our house on the market in NJ in May, and had a viable offer within 3 weeks of listing. Then I started packing for the move and lost the time to craft. DH had a two-week business trip to China and Russia when the movers came to pack up the house. The boys and I went to NH to spend some time with family, then DH drove a car to TX, flew to NH to meet us and here we are. It's been crazy, to say the least. The boys have been troopers.

Hopefully we are closing on our new home tomorrow. Wish us luck! I will post pics of the new crafty space and house when it is finished. I cannot wait to craft again - it's been so long!

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