Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Seeing Spots!

I made these cards ages ago before packing up my craft room in our old home. I was inspired by a dress in a Kohl's ad, but can't find the image now among the mess! They were super fun to make. I just ran a bunch of scraps through the Cuttlebug with random circle Nesties and added some ribbon and a sentiment. Quick and easy and I think they'll be fun for little boys on their birthdays.

An update on my whereabouts - we are settling into our new home in Texas. It is a lovely home and we are still unpacking everything. There has been one trip to IKEA for my craft room already and will probably be more. I snuck away this morning for a quiet coffee at Starbucks and am enjoying the free wi-fi since we don't have internet at the house just yet. Wednesday they will set it up.

My craft room is beginning to get set up and I will work on it more this afternoon. Who knew I had so much stuff until it all went into boxes for moving! There was a close contest between the number of craft supply boxes and toy boxes for the boys! I think I won with more craft supply boxes :)

Thanks for looking!

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