Saturday, November 10, 2007

How Bad Am I...

That I bribed my son with a trip to Wendy's for lunch if he gave me 10 quiet minutes in a scrapbook store? Since we are in NH on vacation this week, I had to check out The Paper Tree. Oh, if only he wasn't exhausted from travel and playing with his friends up here (and if I had brought a bigger suitcase) I would have spent A LOT more money!

The papers were gorgeous, and there were ebellishments I had never seen before. Maybe next time when we drive, we'll have to stop in again. Since I forgot my camera at home, I can't share my purchases, but will when I get home. Then I will hide the goods from DH ;)

Hope you are having a good weekend! Thanks for looking!

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Beth said...

Bribe is such a harsh word. How about you rewarded him for the good behavior he displayed while letting mom shop-lol. I don't know many mothers that haven't tried this strategy at one desperate time or another! Please be sure to look over at my blog A Stampin' Good Time for a surprise!