Saturday, December 29, 2007

Look What Santa Brought!

We had guests all week, and I had to work the days after Christmas, so I have not had much of a chance to play with these new toys yet! I can't wait to, though! Maybe tomorrow I'll have some time...

Here also is a card I made for my dh for Christmas. I realized that this is our 10th Christmas together!
We had a wonderful day, ds was VERY excited about everything. Then, after dinner we celebrated his birthday. I don't think he realized there were also presents for his birthday, because all he wanted was to get to the cake! Then we brought out the box of birthday gifts, and he was so funny. Each one he opened, he held up and said "Just what I ALWAYS wanted!" Getting him to bed was a struggle, but he did nap the next day for a few hours. DH has been home with him all week, and with the grandparents visiting, he has had constant playmates. We will all be glad to get back into our routine next week, though. As much fun as the holidays are, it's always nice to return to our nice quiet (read: boring) daily life.
I have a question for everyone who uses Prisamcolor pencils: What do you use for a sharpener? I got a soft-lead sharpener in the art supply aisle, but wonder if there is some other magical sharpener I should look for.
Thanks for looking!

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