Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who Else is Tired of Christmas Cards?

This is not the first year for me to send out homemade Christmas cards, but this year was the most difficult. I think the problem was that I have too many stamps now! Seriously, in the past, I didn't have the collection I have now, so was limited to which images to use. This year, I have stepped up the shopping for supplies and never settled on one design for cards. As a result, I will be sending a hodgepodge of 40 cards, with about 20 different designs! No wonder my stamping brain is tired...

Here are a few of the last designs. I am addressing cards tonight during the Survivor finale (I'm rooting for Denise, the Lunch Lady, how about you?) and will mail them tomorrow. Luckily I work across the street from the post office and don't have to make a special trip :)
This weekend, my girlfriend and her daughter came over for a cookie-baking fest. It proved a little too much stimulation for ds, who ended up throwing a tantrum. When dh took him into a corner to speak to him and try to calm him down, he threw his head back and smacked into the door hinge. Soooo off to the ER we went and he now has his first stitches!

I think I'll be glad when January is here and we can settle back into our routine. DS thrives on routine and not that we shelter him, but it's easier to keep him on track if he knows what to expect and what is expected of him! Ahhhhhhhhh, Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend, and those in the snow belt are safe and warm. My counter is creeping up on 2000 hits so there will be some pre-Christmas blog candy coming up later this week. And I promise, I won't be giving away my leftover Christmas scraps :)

Thanks for looking!


Shannon McGann said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I hear you - I'm getting tired of Christmas cards as well! I finished mine this week, so I'm excited to use my pre-ordered sets from the new SU! Spring/Summer Collection next week. I love your Christmas cards here - they're lovely. Thanks for the reminder about the Survivor finale - I had forgotten with all the mad Christmas stuff I've been doing this weekend. I've got about half an hour to get ready for it! Merry Christmas!

Angel Wilde said...

I love your Christmas cards. They're fabulous!

Kathy W said...

I love the Fa-la-la card. The triangle design/layout at the bottom is striking. Thanks for sharing.