Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Perfect Weekend for Stamping and Another PIF

Today was a snowy, rainy, cold day. I got up, showered, got back into my jammies and had a very lazy day with my family. Also, while ds worked on the computer, I got to stamp. It was very nice. DH is off on another business trip, so it will be another week of quiet evenings after ds goes to bed. Our kitchen counter is coming tomorrow, so we will soon be able to cook again! I'm soooooooo ready to have a real kitchen again.

Here's my desk after today's session. Maria is running a contest and she wants readers to post pics of their calming items. Mine is not actually on my desk (as you can see, there's no room), but it is in my office. It is my ficus plant that I purchased as a mere twig a few years ago. It is slow to grow, but I love seeing it's progress. I also happen to have some "lucky" bamboo, but I have managed to almost kill it, so I'm sure it's lucky powers are gone... I think I may be the only one in the world to have killed bamboo! But I have hope that it will come back to green. On the cabinet with the ficus is also a picture of my grandparents with my son and a photo of a tiny village in England we visited on vacation.
This next photo is a bunch of goodies I received from Tracy's Pay It Forward game. She sent some great Bella images, that I looooooooooove and some primas, along with great ribbon, too. And check out the Snowbunnybella card she made. It's gorgeous IRL. I've gotta get me some more Bella stamps!
To carry on the Pay It Forward, I need 2 more players. Please comment here and the first two will receive some goodies from me and get to play along! It's really fun, please join!!
I hope you all stayed warm and cozy if you were in the belt of that nasty storm that swept the country. Let's hope it doesn't mean a long and snowy winter! Thanks for looking!


Maria said...

Hi Melissas. . .your desk looks like you've been busy creating! That's a good thing. A clean desk mean no creating. . .:) Your calming items are very nice. . .very calming, indeed. What! You killed your bamboo plant! Too funny! It takes a lot to kill it like not watering it for months! LOL!

Thank you for participating in my blog candy! I hope you are having fun with it! Stay tuned for tomorrow's challenges!


Mary Duffek said...

I am loving the snowbunnybella card you made.

My work area is my dinning room table and it gets really, really messing...which means lots of creating going on!


Melissas said...

I wish I could take credit for the Snowbunnybella card, but it was made by Tracy, who posted the PIF!