Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A HUGE Thanks...

To Cindy over at Creating with the Heart!!

Because after a comment I made about not having any Bellas, Cindy sent me this terrific bunch of goodies.

Here's the back story. I met Cindy when we were both attending graduate school at the University of Arizona. I won't say how many years ago ;) I moved back east and she stayed west after completing our degrees. We lost touch over the years except for the annual Christmas cards. Then, while cruising around on stamping blogs, lo and behold I stumbled upon Creating with the Heart! After an initial message, we have been in touch via email again.

Check it out - Bella images, acrylic stamps, a great pile of papers, etc. Enough to keep me happy and avoiding housework for days!

This blog community of stampers continues to amaze me with the kindness and generosity of it's members. It's so heartwarming to see the amount of sharing and encouragement that passes between fellow bloggers, many of whom have never met in person!

So if you have not already been to Creating with the Heart, stop by and see the great cards Cindy creates. And she gives away awesome blog candy, too! Tell her I sent you with a big THANKS.

Thanks for looking!

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