Friday, August 10, 2007


Thanks for visiting my blog! I have been debating starting this blog for some time now and decided finally that I was ready. You'll see that I don't yet have a fancy layout and header, but that will come...

I hope to have some photos up over the weekend of some of my creations. My stamping time is limited, as I'm a mom who works full time. Creating is part of what makes me happy and as I'm a Librarian by trade, sharing information is second nature. So that's what you'll find on this blog - creations and information. I do read a ton of blogs and if I see something worthwhile, it will be posted here.

Enjoy and tell me what you (th)ink!

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Cindy Vernon said...

Hi Melissa!
Congrats on your blog! It looks great by the way! Stamping is great therapy isn't? You might want to visit my blog I have a whole bunch of cool links up on places to get the "have to have" craft supplies and stamps! I'll be visiting again soon.