Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is a very emotional day for me. First, it is my wedding anniversary.
Second, it is September 11th. Third, it is the day my grandfather died last year. So I had a flood of emotions coursing through me all day long. But now it's almost over and tomorrow I can think of other things.

For my MILs birthday, I made her a collection of cards. My favorite, and very easy to make was this design, which I ended up doing a series from. This Get Well Soon uses Nice and Easy Notes, stamped in blue, I believe. It is cut into an oval, mounted upon a strip of torn tissue and brown ribbon. The image is colored with chalks. I made it when I first got my chalks and they were my "tool of the week." Hidden by the envelope flap is a scalloped edge with blue paper attached for contrast.

I like to think my creations are improving over time. It is fun to look back and think "wow - I thought THAT was a wonderful card at the time?" Progress is a good thing. And it's fun to practice!

Tonight I worked on the SCS color challenge. I will post the resulting card tomorrow as it is not assembled yet and I have to get to sleep here soon. Thanks for looking!

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