Saturday, September 22, 2007

Slacker Week

Yes, I have been a blog slacker this week. I wish I had a good reason besides being busy with work. A good reason like trapped on a deserted island in the sunny tropics or forced to vacation in Paris with no Internet connection. But alas, I've been here in New Jersey in awe of how quickly the week has passed. I am at work again today and will not have much time to create this weekend, either. In-laws are visiting and I can't be rude, now, can I? Although maybe I'll stay up late and stamp when everyone else is tucked in bed.

It is great to see Justin with his grandparents, though. He does not see any of them nearly enough since we live far away from them all. They are all having a blast getting reacquainted.

Also, we went and chose all the details and signed a contract on our new kitchen this morning! It's a good thing I don't cook Thanksgiving dinner because that's the week they'll start the installation. Yippee Yahoo! This decision has been on our list for 7 years (since we bought our house) and it is exciting to finally see it move closer to a completed project. Let's just hope we don't get an offer to relocate with our careers once it's finished!

Anyway, I'll stop blathering on now. Sorry I have nothing to share this morning. I'll post before the weekend is up, even if it's an old card. I have 5 birthdays to celebrate this week, so I may be up later a few nights after all. Have a good weekend and thanks for looking!

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Cindy Vernon said...

HI Melissa! I just wanted to let you know that you are officially added to my blogroll. Congrats on getting a new kitchen. We've been working on mine since last December. At least I can finally cook in there now!