Saturday, September 8, 2007

So Very...Revised

Here's version 2 of the So Very card I posted yesterday. Same materials as the other, except for the addition of the circle punches for the corners. I like it a little more, but still feel like it's missing something. Any ideas? Now I just have to decide which version to give to my husband for our anniversary...
Our neighbor has graciously offered to babysit, so we might even get to go out for a nice dinner to celebrate! Whoo-hoo! As a gift to ourselves, we have decided to remodel our kitchen. We have hemmed and hawed about it for 6 1/2 of the 7 years we've been in the house, so it's time to just do it. I'm so excited! It is the last major project on the house and then we will have touched every room in it.
Well, my son is napping and my husband is not home from his business trip yet, so that means I have some quiet time to stamp. Must get to it before the urge to nap myself gets stronger. Have a nice weekend. Thanks for looking!

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