Thursday, September 6, 2007

I {heart} IKEA

I mentioned a couple days ago that my husband and I rearranged a couple rooms so that now I have a space of my own. A retreat that I find myself in every night after my son is tucked in bed (especially now that there's nothing on TV worth watching!) I thought I would share it since the lighting was nice when I got home and I was able to take some photos.

We went to IKEA (note to self: Don't EVER go there on a Saturday again. What a zoo!) Here's what we left with: a new desk, two drawer units, a secretary and a stainless memo board. We had the bookcases from another trip and we had the desk, which is not IKEA but matches nicely. The drawer units are wonderful as they tuck under the desk and out of the way. The secretary folds down for extra workspace - perfect for when I get a cuttlebug ;) The desk has a return that also slides back under so it doesn't stick out into the room all the time. If I take care to clean it out anyway. The desk is nice and deep and I can have stuff spread out while working and not have to clean up midway through a card just to have more room. I used to stamp on the desk that now holds the computer and it just was too small.

The room also has a full size closet, so there is storage galore and space to grow. Thanks for visiting!

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The Stampin' Soldier said...

Ooo la la! What a lucky girl you are!