Saturday, September 15, 2007

Why I love Blogging Stampers...

1) inspiration, inspiration, inspiration

2) it's such a welcome, friendly forum

3) opportunity for guidance from the pros

4) tips and tricks and shortcuts:

I found this entry on the SCS CC131 gallery and learned 2 very cool tricks from the stamper, indyemmert. Using a CD to trace a circle - aha! I went home and tried it yesterday (actually drove home on my lunch break!) and Voila - perfect size circle.

Then I used her second trick (which is probably not news to anyone but a new stamper like me) - use the corner rounder punch to make scallops around a circle. Why didn't I think that this would work? Well, circles don't have corners, and how would I line it up? But hey! It works! I'm off and running now, happy that I don't have to lay out my allowance this month on scallop punches. I can keep them on my wish list a little longer with this new trick up my sleeve.

Unfortunately, now that September is upon us, the sun has set before I got a chance to photograph the newest creations using these tricks. Stay tuned. Thanks for looking!

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